Breakfast Champions

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or so we are often told, and in Tipperary we surely agree. As food producers, the aim of our network members is to work with the diverse abundance of raw materials that nature provides in Tipperary and to use these to produce foods of the highest nutritional quality. We then proudly present our foods to consumers within and beyond the county.

For people visiting Tipperary, it is only right, given what we have to offer, that our food produce should be available to experience in the county. Indeed, the expectation among visitors is that the food they eat is authentic and local. It is the duty of all of us; the producers, the distributors, the chefs and cooks preparing the foods, that this expectation is met.

The Tipperary Breakfast Champions concept is one spearheaded by the Tipperary Food Producers Network in 2019. We, as producers co-operate with the establishments serving breakfast in the county to ensure that a significant proportion of their menu is sourced from local producers using local ingredients.

Our aim is to support our Tipperary Breakfast Champions – the people and businesses providing the breakfasts, in the same way that they are supporting us as producers by buying our products.

So welcome to Tipperary, where we ask you to participate in this virtuous cycle. Supporting our Tipperary Breakfast Champions is supporting us, the Tipperary Producers, local employment and our local economy – Enjoy the delightful tastes at these Tipperary Breakfast Champions locations:

Start the day the Tipperary way.

Breakfast Champions
Breakfast Champions
Breakfast Champions
Breakfast Champions
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