The Green Bowl Company

We are based in Cahir, Co. Tipperary. We grow organic salads & herbs for the commercial market. We also grow and process our own organic Wheatgrass which we then freeze & package for sale to the public and wholesale.

Wheatgrass can give you energy & strength to help you gain better control of your health. Wheatgrass used on a regular basis will give you a bounce in your step, a better physique, an improved complexion, and a sparkle in your eyes.

Many people are looking to the science of the future for answers to their problems, but as funding for basic research is dwindling, and more and more research becomes oriented towards industry, can we really trust science to guide us in our life day to day?

No amount of Library research or medicine will give you a stronger healthier body. Only a good diet with plenty of raw green foods and Wheatgrass, moderate exercise, and a positive and caring attitude will do this.

We have been growing since 2009 after having completed a commercial Horticulture course.

We are registered with the Department of Agriculture; we are HSE Approved for processing.


Organic Salads & Herbs
Organic Wheatgrass


The Green Bowl Company
Derrygrath Lower

Tel: 086 034 2331