Inch House Pudding

Inch House PuddingKeeping family traditions alive is what it’s all about. Mary, Nora, and Mairin are very passionate women and when it come to food they are true to form. Working together they have developed their award-winning pudding that we see today.

Mairin’s Grandmother Mary Ryan killed a pig, like most houses in older days, once or twice a year. “No waste” was always Mary’s motto and so she used the pigs blood to make fresh blood puddings to rear her large family. Later in life Mary passed the making of the pudding on to her daughter Nora and in turn Nora to Mairin.

Great Taste AwardsToday, Mairin makes one of the few fresh pigs blood puddings available in Ireland, where most puddings on shelves, for convenience, are made with powdered blood. Inch House puddings are: *Irish pigs blood, *Irish pinhead and rolled oats from Flahavan’s, *Versatile and fresh, *No MSG, *No stabilizers or emulsifiers, * 4th generation recipe and *Suitable for freezing.


Traditional Black & White Pudding
Gluten Free Black Pudding


Inch House Pudding
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