Inch House Pudding

Inch House PuddingIn the old days when a farming family killed a pig nothing went to waste, and in the case of Máirin Byrne’s grandmother Mary Ryan she always used the pig’s fresh blood to make a delicious black pudding to help feed her family. She passed on the recipe to Máirín’s mother Nora Egan who added it to the menu in their award winning country house and restaurant, Inch House, in Co Tipperary.

Such was the demand for the almost 100-year-old traditional black pudding that it soon developed into a business of it’s own which is now run as a stand-alone enterprise by Máirín. Inch House Traditional Back Pudding is one of the few fresh pig’s blood puddings available in Ireland, since many of those available are made with powdered blood for convenience and a longer shelf life.

Great Taste AwardsApart from having an outstanding flavour and texture, the pudding stands out on the shelf thanks to its unusual square shape. Inch House Black puddings are an authentic Irish artisan product, hand-made to a recipe that literally goes back unchanged for at least four generations made from as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. They are totally natural, containing no MSG, stabilisers, emulsifiers, or any artificial flavourings or preservatives. Inch House Black Pudding is good for you too because it is naturally high in iron. Happily for coeliacs, Máirín also makes a gluten-free version, and there’s an excellent white pudding in the range too. The entire product range is available through both wholesale and retail outlets to cater for both the catering industry and food lovers nationwide.


Traditional Black & White Pudding
Gluten Free Black Pudding


Inch House Pudding
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